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So in 2009 Leeds City Council decided to 'regenerate' my street. They began the process of purchasing the houses opposite to the row I live on, and the houses in the next street.

This little blog is about what it’s like to live amongst derelict houses in a neglected street under a ConDem Govt and a Labour Council . . I hope you find it interesting and illuminating.

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I live in South Leeds and have done for over 7 years. After watching the houses opposite me empty and fall into dereliction, I was initially full of hope for better housing and improved living standards; my hope is now turning to disappointment. I wanted to create a place online where I could share my experiences of living in what seems to me at least, to be a dying street. This blog is entirely about my personal experiences and feelings, and is in no way represents my employer or any other organsiation.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Beeston Gems.

Been busy, lots to update you on, but until I have more time to do this properly I'll leave you with this little Beeston Gem.

Things you see on the streets of South Leeds:

a dad proudly showing his 6 year old son how to hold a cigarette properly.

Stay classy Beeston!

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